VEO 2 PH-28WM Window Mount, 2-Way Pan Head & Arca-Compatible Quick Shoe

VEO 2 PH-28WM Window Mount, 2-Way Pan Head & Arca-Compatible Quick Shoe

Item: VEO2PH-28WM

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The Arca-Swiss-compatible VEO 2 PH-28WM Window Mount is designed for outdoorsmen and videographers to use from the comfort of their car. The 2-way pan head is ideal for using a spotting scope to observe your surroundings, but it can also be used to video with your mirrorless/DSLR camera.

  • 2-way pan head, which can be controlled with one hand
  • Long Arca-Swiss-compatible (QS-61P) quick-release plate for use with spotting scopes/camcorders
  • Spotting scopes with Arca-Swiss-compatible bases (such as the Endeavor HD) can be used without the need for a quick shoe
  • Maximum load capacity of 8.8 pounds. Weighs 1.5 pounds
  • Clamp base opens to 1.25 inches. Includes a large surface area with textured rubber face for solid grip
  • Ergonomic locking/release knob for easy use, even in cold weather
$84.99 Buy It Now $104.99 Retail Price

Observe the moment from the comfort of your car with the VEO 2 PH-28WM Window Mount, which easily attaches to vehicle windows. Alternatively, this window mount can be attached to fences, tree branches, and many more options, enabling a steady platform for spotting scopes, cameras, or camcorders.

The base of this window mount has a clamp that opens up to 1.25" with a large surface area and a non-slip rubber face to offer maximum grip on any surface. This is backed up by a solid thread and an ergonomic locking knob that makes it easy to tighten/release, even in cold and wet conditions.

This window mount comes with an Arca-Swiss-compatible 2-way pan head that is ideal for observation with a spotting scope, or for video with a mirrorless/DSLR camera or camcorder. With a maximum load capacity of 8.8 pounds, this window mount can be used with almost any spotting scope and smaller camera kits. The long Arca-Swiss-compatible QS-61P quick-release plate (included) allows you to easily secure a spotting scope or camcorder to the window mount, but it can also be used for a mirrorless/DSLR camera.

The telescopic pan handle helps locate and follow the subject intuitively, locking/unlocking the position by simply twisting the handle, leaving the other hand free for other key tasks, such as controlling the focus or zoom.

With the new VEO 2 window mounts by Vanguard, you can cover miles of country without missing any of the details.

Bubble Level(s) 1 1
Color Dark Gray Dark Gray
Frontal Tilt (180 degrees) -60° ~ 90° -60° ~ 90°
Head Model VEO 2 PH-28 VEO 2 PH-28
Item Weight 1.5 lbs. 0.68 kg
Material Aluminum Aluminum
Max Load Weight Capacity 8.8 lbs. 3.99 kg
Quick Shoe QS-61P QS-61P
Swivel Degrees 360 360