QS-50 Quick Shoe

QS-50 Quick Shoe

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You invest in your camera, your tripod and tripod head. You need to also ensure you have a secure connection between those critical investments. That’s where Vanguard’s QS quick shoe series comes in. Attach your camera to your tripod head with ease and peace of mind with the QS-50 quick shoe.

  • Compatible with PH-22 and PH-12 pan heads
  • 1/4"-20 Screw
  • Retractable video fixing pin
$12.99 Buy It Now $16.99 Retail Price

The QS-50 Quick-Release Plate for PH-22 and PH-12 Pan Head is a camera plate that fits the quick-release mechanism of the PH-12 and PH-22 pan heads. The plate's 1/4"-20 screw connects to any standard camera tripod mount, and the video fixing pin keeps your camcorder from twisting, or retracts if there's no corresponding hole.

The QS-50 can serve as a replacement plate, or as an additional plate if you use more than one camera on your head and would like to exchange them quickly.

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