Jamie MacDonald

Jamie MacDonald

March 08, 2019

Vanguard Professional Jamie MacDonald is a Michigan-based professional landscape and nature photographer. A founder of the Mirrorless Minutes Photography Podcast and a co-founder of the Mirrorless Adventures photography workshop group, he was also an 8-year ambassador for Olympus Imaging North America. Over the years, he has represented several other major photography equipment manufacturers in various roles.

Jamie's work has been featured in ad campaigns in magazines such as Popular Photography, Digital Photo Magazine, Esquire, Outdoor Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Popular Science, and many more in addition to being used in several guide books by Rocky Nook.

Jamie tells us, "My passion for photographing the natural world around me is only matched by my love of teaching photography. Through my workshops, meetups, podcast, and personal mentoring programs, I strive to deliver to my students not only the technical skills necessary to image creation, but the artistic vision to understand how to capture what they feel as much as what they see."

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