10 Reasons to Shop at Glazer's Camera

10 Reasons to Shop at Glazer's Camera

August 31, 2015

Vanguard Dealer Spotlight: Glazer's Camera

In 1935, just 34 years after the very first ever mass-market camera was introduced, Ed Glazer opened up a camera shop on First Avenue in Seattle. Ed rested his business on a foundation of strong relationships, and when he retired, passed the reigns to his daughter, Janet, and her husband Bob Lackman. Over the next 20 years, Bob grew the business, established a rental department and enlarged its lighting and selection. In the mid-eighties, the shop moved to a bigger space in South Lake Union. The shop’s roots were firmly planted in the professional photographic community, but as autofocus SLRs came on the market, followed by the evolution to digital, their customer base grew. Today, the shop is run by Ed’s grandchildren, Rebecca Kaplan, and Ari Lackman.

Glazer's Through the Ages


What makes it worth a visit (or five)? We've got ten good reasons...

1. Glazer’s philosophy.

Ed Glazer’s vision remains at the heart of the business. To Rebecca and Ari, the shop’s most important function is to support the important work their customers do. As the excitement around photography reaches new heights, they make sure the shop's support and reach grows, too. That means they focus on their most important asset: their sales team.

2. The staff knows what they're doing.

The Glazer's team is made up of passionate, engaged experts. Each member owns a field of expertise. As Rebecca put it: "the photo industry can be challenging, but we want to create an atmosphere where the staff enjoys spending their day and an environment where customers do the same. Our staff and our clients are the reasons we are where we are."
The team takes a consultative approach, tailoring the best solution to fit each customer. They don't work on commission, which means they don't put on the pressure. Take it from Glazer's regulars - those who drop in every week just to say hi - the staff will be there to help you out, whether you're just starting out and need your first kit, or you're there to stock up for your studio.

3. Tremendous selection.

Need a camera? A tripod? A bag? Or do you need lighting, video equipment, a printer? Glazer's stocks everything you need to pursue the art of photography and videography. They embrace new technologies quickly, like mirrorless cameras and drones, and they’ll have an expert on staff to help you navigate the new territory.

4. Classes.

Glazer's focuses on education. Their expert staff leads classes like Crash Course to Digital Photography and Nature & Landscape Photography. Customers who buy a new camera are even eligible for free monthly classes.

5. Rental.

Glazer's offers one of the biggest rental departments in the country to service big studio productions and weekend warriors. Learn more here.

6. Used department & Rare vintage equipment.

Another strong area of growth is Glazer's used department. They offer trade-in opportunities and warranty used the equipment for 60 days. The used department offers an attractive alternative to someone who wants a backup camera, or to a student who’s just starting out.
Glazer's also boasts fascinating collectibles – vintage Leica’s, hard to find cameras or rare lenses.

7. Events.

Glazer's hosts' annual events, like PhotoFest, offering over 30 seminars and 30 vendors. This past year, Vanguard Pro Rob Woodcox did a live photo shoot. And it was free. What more could you ask for?

Ongoing seminars include, for example, a Fall Lighting Event: 4 weeks of lighting classes and promos including classes and deals on speedlights, portrait and fashion lighting, grip equipment, and LED lighting.

8. Involvement in local education.

Glazer's funds a scholarship each year to students pursuing photography at the Seattle Creative Academy. They work closely with high schools and colleges to support teachers, and they offer discount rentals to non-profit clients.

9. Glazer’s gives back.

Glazer’s works hard to support the community, including assisting clients who do their own pro-bono work, organizations like KEXP, Youth in Focus, and Help-Portrait Project. As an example, for the Help-Portrait Project, photographers, makeup artists, and volunteers donate their time and skills to take portraits of families in need around the holidays. Glazer's donates lighting and equipment as part of their mission to act as a resource to their community. To find out more about the way Glazer’s helps the community, click here.

10. The bright future.

For the past year and a half, Glazer's has been in the process of building a brand new store. With a larger retail space and a larger rental space, they'll be able to offer items 1 through 9 on an even bigger scale. Slated to open in spring 2016, you'll without a doubt want to stop by.


To find out more about Glazer's Camera, visit their website here.

Glazer's Camera
433 8th Ave N in South Lake Union
Seattle, WA 98109


Monday - Friday: 9am to 7pm
*Rental Store: Mon-Fri at 8am

Saturday: 9am to 6pm
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