What’s the Best Binocular for the Money for Hunting?

What’s the Best Binocular for the Money for Hunting?

June 28, 2019

Finding the Best Binocular for the Money

When it comes to hunting binoculars, people seem to run in two camps. They either buy top of the line items and use them for the rest of their lives or they opt for cheaper options knowing they will replace them fairly often. Like firearm scopes, you generally get what you pay for with binoculars in terms of quality and features. Of course, the ideal situation is a pair of binoculars with high-quality features that don’t cost the price of your monthly mortgage. So if you’re looking for the best binocular for the money when it comes to hunting or birding situations, here’s a serious contender for you to consider.

Best Binocular for the Money

The Endeavor ED IV binocular is an amazing option for many hunting situations across most geographies. It may also be the best binoculars for birding for many of the same reasons below. But it mostly comes down to the high-tech features, quality craftsmanship, and appealing price point of this particular model.

The Endeavor ED IV binocular comes in two options: the 8x42 and 10x42 – everything else is the same (and discussed in more detail below). The 10x42 just offers a slightly larger magnification level for far-away animals or objects. However, even the 8-power binoculars are more than capable of almost any medium-range hunting or scouting situations (e.g., deer hunting in the Midwest, hog hunting in the South, etc.). The 10-power option provides a larger image for small birds or far-away animals. For example, if you’re looking for binoculars for western hunting, the 10x42 would be a better bet for you.

So what exactly sets this model apart from other options and makes it the best binocular for the money? As mentioned above, it’s all about the binocular features.

Glass Quality

All optics are inherently limited by the quality of the glass in the lenses, and that includes the best binoculars. The Endeavor ED IV model uses premium HOYA ED (extra-low dispersion) glass, which is very high quality and provides a true color viewing experience for the user. The SK-15 prisms inside also produce vivid detail, amazing image quality, and do not distort the colors.

Binocular Lens Coatings

Closely related to the quality of the glass itself, the number and type of coatings on the lenses also make a big difference to what you see and experience. Essentially, the coatings help improve the performance of the lens over what it is capable of with only the glass. Part of what makes these the best binoculars for the money is the coatings. The Endeavor ED IV binocular lenses are coated with Advanced MultiGuard® coatings to improve the transmission of light. These multiple coatings provide more than 92% light transmission, which helps you see better in low light situations (obviously important for many kinds of hunting and birding).

Quality Construction

Of course, lenses and coatings wouldn’t help much without high-quality construction throughout the best binocular for hunting. This model features an extremely durable and lightweight magnesium housing that is engineered to perform well and protect its integrity. The body is also purged with nitrogen and the O-ring is completely sealed to provide 100% fog proof and waterproof protection. Essentially, the nitrogen gas displaces normal air that could trap moisture inside the body, which when it cools is what causes fog to form on the lens. Because they are fully sealed, there is also no opportunity for dust or other particles to get behind the lens and cause viewing issues.

Ergonomics and Comfort

We couldn’t call it the best binocular for the money if it wasn’t comfortable and easy to use! The Endeavor ED IV model comes with a new ergonomic open-bridge design to ensure you keep an easy grip on it in all kinds of weather. It also has a relocated center locking diopter that allows the user to easily fine tune their viewing settings. The three-stage locking eyecups also help you adjust for your own eyes to make it as comfortable as possible. Finally, there is a tripod adaptor incorporated into the front hinge to allow you to glass for a long time without awkwardly propping it up. That alone can make them the best binoculars for hunting.

Price and Warranty

Naturally, most people want the best gear there is but have to realistically consider the budget. This model comes in at a very reasonable price point for the high-quality features discussed above, making it a great value for the money. They’re certainly the best hunting binoculars under $500. In addition, it comes with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind when using them in the field.

Last, it’s always important to know how to care for binoculars, but it’s especially important when you invest in a pair of high-quality ones like these. If you take care of them and treat them well, you will be rewarded with a lifetime of using the best binocular for the money.