Stewardship in the Outdoors Community

Stewardship in the Outdoors Community

March 27, 2017

For many years, the members of Forever Wild Outdoors have led the campaign of introducing and reacquainting young people, women, and veterans to the time-honored tradition of hunting. Each Spring we host between two and four youth hunters annually during our New York State Youth Turkey Hunt. We have been conducting this hunt for many years now, and have led dozens of young hunters through the hills and farmlands of New York in pursuit of their first (or second) “thunder chicken”.

Another focus of our company has been honoring our servicemen and women by furthering hunting opportunities in the Empire State. I vividly remember hunts with servicemen and vets. I still remember a turkey hunt with a Bronze Star recipient many years ago. Boy, did we have fun! I also recall some pretty awesome “women’s only” hunts that were filled with success, exceptional marksmanship, and some pretty intense action! The memories get blurred a bit as the years go by, but I know we’ve made a difference in many people’s lives, and that’s what it’s all about… making a difference! We love passing on the skills and techniques we’ve learned over the years! I whole-heartedly believe it’s our duty to continue passing on our great American hunting heritage and spending time in the outdoors.

FullSizeRender-6When I think of carrying on traditions, one word comes to mind, and that word is stewardship. Stewardship can take many forms. Whether it’s helping individuals experience the outdoors, mentoring youth, or giving people the tools to succeed in their chosen profession. It’s all part of the leadership ideology. By definition, stewardship means, “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care”.

Our entire team spends countless hours in the field and enjoys every second of our time with hunters of all ages. Perpetuating hunting is something we take very seriously. Sometimes though, we all need a little help furthering the opportunities many people take for granted. More often than not, it takes time, talent, and help from outside sources. That is where support from the outdoor industry becomes so critical and meaningful.

IMG_3069Every year, Forever Wild Outdoors holds a Season party. The party is a way to “kick start” our television season. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments, thank our fans, and continue the tradition of supporting youth and veterans hunts. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester, New York. During our party, we have many prize packages available to participants of every age. We solicit local companies, sponsors, and other entities to donate items for our “Wall of Prizes”. The support we receive from local and national donors are what drive the event, and with a great deal of planning and preparation, the Forever Wild Outdoors team helps “steer” the event in the right direction.

A major contributor to our success, both in the field and in the community, has been Vanguard. The optics, support systems, cases, outdoor packs, and riflescopes have all contributed to our success as a television show and as hunters. But in reality, the wonderful array of products Vanguard provides has also proven invaluable to our community and fan base.

IMG_3075Our fans really appreciate the support we give to the community. Our Outfitter sponsors, such as Kaby Lodge and Hupp Outfitters, often donate hunts and fishing trips to further the stewardship of hunters and anglers, and allow participants some unique experiences. Without their support and generosity, our fundraising endeavors would be much more difficult. We have other sponsors too! Some companies provide clothing; scents and lures, hunting blinds, safety products, and many varied outdoor items, which furthers our mission.

Forever Wild Outdoors promotes all of our fantastic sponsors. Whether it’s a billboard on our show, using product in the field, Facebook or Instagram posts, or simply explaining why we use the products we do. We are very cognizant of the show/sponsor relationship. It’s all a part of the continuing efforts of hunters, landowners, sponsors, and industry leaders like Vanguard that keeps the tradition of hunting vibrant and alive. Our company prides itself on brand loyalty. We believe in the products we use. Consumers rely on industry professionals to explain why they use certain products, how those products function, and why those tools help them be successful. It’s called stewardship. Most people don’t even think of these dynamic relationships, but they most definitely exist! Vanguard has supported Forever Wild Outdoors every step of the way. We are grateful for their exceptional products, innovative ideas, and support both nationally and locally! I know our company cherishes their stewardship and I know our community does too!

Thanks again Vanguard!