Stay Mobile and Versatile to Take More Coyotes

Stay Mobile and Versatile to Take More Coyotes

January 31, 2019

Lightweight and Mobile Coyote Hunting Setup

The American Coyote is a tough as nails, resourceful, and mobile predator that won’t think twice about putting on a mile of rugged country before breakfast. Hunters who pursue these remarkable furbearers must contend with the coyote’s tenacity, and work to put together a kit that is fluid, resilient, and dependable enough to put in a day’s work in coyote country without fail.

A hunter’s ability to stay mobile, and effectively relocate as the situation dictates plays a large role in the hunt’s success. Using effective tools, staying organized, and keeping the non-essentials to a minimum is an excellent way to stack the deck in your favor for your next coyote hunt. By putting together a lightweight kit complete with vital resources for the hunt in an easy to use mobile system, you can match the resourcefulness and tenacity of the coyote you are pursuing.

Consider a Lightweight, Fast Handling Bolt Action Rifle for Coyotes

Coyote Bolt Gun

The versatility and adaptability of AR style rifles has taken the shooting and hunting community by storm, and understandably so. There is something to be said, however, about the reliability and simplicity of a bolt action rifle. As an inspiration from the coyote itself, consider taking to the field with a simple short action bolt action rifle chambered in a versatile cartridge, and topped with a simple no-frills scope.

Many rifle manufacturers offer dependable, and accurate bolt action rifles with 20” - 22” barrels that are lightweight and easy to handle. Leaving all of the accessories, magazines, and add-ons that often accompany an AR style behind helps to keep your rifle lightweight for travel and makes for a rifle that is quick to maneuver, and get on target. The simplicity of the bolt action is impossible to beat for reliability and ruggedness. With few moving parts, and components built around manual operation, a bolt action rifle offers the confidence to know you can depend on your rifle when the opportunity presents itself.

Coyote Rifle Calibers

Coyotes are incredibly resourceful and versatile enough to adapt and thrive in a multitude of habitats across the country, both rural and urban. Desserts, prairies, forests, and mountain ranges all host populations of coyotes. Your coyote rifle caliber should be just as versatile as the coyote.

Choose a high velocity caliber that is fast and flat shooting, offering dependable accuracy at various ranges. Cartridges such as the 22-250, .204, .223, and even the .243 Win are considered good medicine for coyote hunts. Bullet weight and design should play as large of a role as the cartridge choice itself. Opt for a bullet with enough weight to contend with at least a little wind, but not so heavy that the effective range is compromised. Bullets in the 40gr. to 60gr. range offer a nice give and take for a twenty caliber rifle with coyotes in mind when it comes to accuracy, knock down, range, and wind.

Simple Scopes for Coyote Rifles

With a fast, flat shooting bolt action hunting rifle, there is no need for knobs, dials, and complicated reticles. Understand the rifle and cartridge combinations zero, and a simple, quality, variable scope with medium magnification will fit perfectly. Look to a 3X8 or 4X9 variable scope to keep things simple. These scopes offer both a wide field of view and plenty of zoom to handle any coyote hunting and calling situation. To keep things light and ready to travel, look for a 30 or 32mm objective reticle lens. If your willing to sacrifice a little weight for additional light during dusk and dawn, find a simple, yet quality variable riflescope with a 40mm lens to gather a little more light during those low light hours.

Single Leg Shooting Stick for Coyote Hunting

Keep your coyote hunting bolt action rifle light by leaving the bipod off for run and gun, rough country coyote calling sessions. By opting for a single leg, adjustable height, aluminum shooting stick, you’ve got the stability and versatility of a bipod without adding bulk and weight to your rifle.

Look for a shooting stick with silent and smooth operating ball joints for pan and tilt, and a rubber yoke to support you rifle. Find a stick that is adjustable from standing, to kneeling, and sitting shooting positions. As an added bonus, many adjustable, aluminum shooting sticks can double as a walking stick.

The VEO 2 Shooting Stick by Vanguard is a durable, lightweight, and versatile solution when it comes to a single leg shooting stick. Coming in at just under 2 pounds, made with the durability of aluminum, and backed by a 2 year full warranty; this shooting stick is a fantastic choice for coyote style hunting. The VEO 2 comes with a tristand base for added stability, allowing your single stick to function with the security of a tripod.

Stay Organized and Efficient With a Versatile Coyote Hunting Pack

One of the surest ways to gain efficiency before, during, and after the hunt is by being and staying organized. The ability to keep track of tools, calls, bullets, and other components of the hunt in an orderly fashion offers versatility to make the most of your time in the field. Quality packs and bags are ideal means of conveyance for hunters looking to stay mobile, traveling light, and covering country.

Choose a Versatile Backpack for Coyote Hunting on the Move

A well made, versatile, and quiet backpack is an indispensable tool for the hunter putting miles on their boots. It’s critical to choose a pack large enough to carry bulky items like rain gear, a spare fleece layer, and maybe an electronic call. With size, comes the need for stability. Look for a pack with a structured frame that offers customization of the fit.

A good backpack is critical to the mobile hunter. A list of items included in your coyote hunting pack should include:

  • Hunting license
  • Skinning kit - knife, surgical gloves, sharpening stone, length of cord or nylon twine, small can of bug killer (for fleas) and a contractor trash bag
  • Drinking water - preferably in a no leak bladder system
  • Predator mouth calls - diaphragm or reed type
  • Bullets
  • Small cushion to sit on, or black plastic bag (choose a white bag for snow cover) to keep your seat dry
  • Electronic call and remote with spare batteries or battery pack
  • Snacks, and maybe a small first aid or emergency kit

Look for a pack with the option to carry your rifle on the pack itself. The ability to free up your hands, and not have to rely on a simple sling to carry your rifle goes a long way to avoid fatigue, and help you keep your balance in rough country.

The Pioneer 1600RT backpack offered by Vanguard is an amazing example of a versatile pack, large enough to fit your needs without adding too much bulk and weight. Offering a built in water bladder, constructed on aluminum stays, and including a secure method to carry your rifle hands free, this pack hits on all features you need and none that you don’t.

Waist Packs for Hunting Coyotes

For the hunter looking to shave down to the bare minimum, for quick sits, and hunting on the move, a compact waist pack may be the solution. Comfortable to carry both front and back, with quick access, a waist pack offers room and access to must haves like your license, bullets and a mouth call.

Look for a pack constructed of a silent, yet waterproof material. A comfortable padded waistband is worth the added weight for the value it adds. You can easily carry a couple diaphragm calls, a reed type call, a partial box of bullets, and a skinning knife in a waist pack. Move the pack to the front and unzip the top compartment during your sit to easily keep track of calls you may change between during a calling session. This is especially important if you’re hunting in snow cover, to keep items from getting lost in the snow.

Vanguard offers a fantastic waist pack solution for the coyote hunter looking to carry the bare essentials. Their Pioneer 400RT can be worn front or back comfortably. The Pioneer 400RT offers plenty of room for the must have items, with the added feature of a built in hand warmer. Drop in a couple chemical heat packs on those frozen days when coyotes have to feed, and keep your hands toasty warm during the hunt.

Hunt with a Coyote Mentality

Coyotes are tenacious survivors, they thrive in harsh conditions, and make the most of lean opportunities. By adopting the coyote mentality, by keeping things simple and gear light, you can hunt the predator with his own tactics. From your rifle and scope, to your shooting sticks and pack; consider the coyote mentality for your next coyote hunt.